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Stretch Your Potential

"Once I just wore Andar leggings for 3 days straight."

"I wear them at home, to meet friends, and even to work.
Andar leggings are super versatile and work for any occasion."
"Unlike tight skinny jeans, these leggings keep me comfy all day."

"I once wore my gym leggings straight to work after throwing on a long top.
Andar leggings feel weightless; try them and you'll see what I mean.
Seriously, I spent the whole day in total comfort."

We picture Andar in the everyday lives of customers,
hoping to help you achieve happiness and broaden your
potential and opportunities through our clothes.

Stretch your story with Andar


Stretch Your Story
Start a special new story today.

Our goal is for you to find confidence in our products.
We research materials that can fit all body shapes
while offering comfort during any activity.
All processes from design to sales are managed within
a unified channel to maintain quality and reduce costs.
We aim to keep you satisfied wherever you go.

About the Brand

Once Needed by One,
Now Wanted by All

"I made these clothes for me, but now they're loved by so many."

"I want Andar to help everyone lead a happy life. To create
a better tomorrow for all my family, colleagues, and customers."

Andar founder, CEO Shin Ae-ryeon

'Walking' Down
A Happy Road

Inspired by the Spanish word for 'walk' and the connecting
conjunction 'and,' the brand Andar was made in hopes
to boost your confidence with bright and positive energy.
More than mere activewear, our clothes are meant
for a stylish yet comfortable and enjoyable lifestyle.


Satisfaction and Bliss
In Form of Clothes

Our clothes stem from basic needs. We believe
small details make a big difference; 1 complaint
holds more weight for us than 100 compliments.
Sustainable quality is our ultimate goal.

Material Development


Born from a blend of TACTEL® and LYCRA®, Air Cooling
hybrid products are moisture-wicking, super-stretchy,
and extremely durable. Lightweight and instantly refreshing
to wear, Air Cooling adds stylish fun to your active life.


With a soft-to-touch and natural feel,
Aircotton provides liberating comfort in any movement.

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